Stardate who-cares, approaching a black hole

I'm not quite sure how it all began, and whether natural selection had anything to do with it, but as far back as I can remember I've always developed for the Windows platform.
While my first steps were in C, I soon fell in love with C# and the rest is history. I guess it was only natural for me at the time, as I had had no prior experience with Java (a fact that has probably saved me a few "wait, in Java I could simply..." moments), C# had been the new cool kid on the block and it was rapidly gaining popularity.

In fact, Microsoft has been pushing it forward ever since, and doing so quite admirably if I might add (perhaps except that portability aspect). With recent C# versions introducing lambda expressions (closures), LINQ and TPL, C# has become even more powerful and even more beautiful, allowing one to write executable poems rather than programs.

And Windows, of course, C#'s best (and some would say - the only) friend. Windows is the operating system I've been working on since forever, or Windows 3.11, whichever came first, I forget. At home, at the office, at school, in between, and where not. I'm not saying it's the best, just saying it's the one I feel at home when using.

Windows + C# = LOVE FOREVER, as youngsters engrave in their backyard trees nowadays.

The reason for this sudden reminiscing is simple, as fate would have it, I'm now beginning a new path in my professional life, diving right into the Open Source world, Linux, and no man's land in general, where so much as saying "Windows" might get you killed, or seriously injured at the very least.

Since I'm confident I'm about to experience a tremendous culture shock, I thought I'd share the feelings of a C# enthusiast going through rehab and getting used to a whole new ecosystem, the users of which were often referred to, by us .Net developers, as "the others".

If nothing else, the coming posts will serve as therapy sessions to get me through these rough times, and help me to emerge a better man, or at least a more proficient one, on the other end of this journey.


  1. There must be balance in the Force, and since I've turned over to the dark side, this only makes sense.
    Welcome, Jedi, and may the force be with you.

  2. Thanks.

    Though I believe the side where black, gloomy terminals are the rule rather than the exception deserves to be called the dark one. (Yes, I know you can change the color scheme. No, I don't think it renders my point invalid...)


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