Getting your MSTEST unit test stdout to show in Jenkins

There is no easy way to say it, the default Jenkins plugin for publishing MSTEST results does not show a unit test's standard output when it fails.

Should you decide you want your standard output shown after all, you'll need to edit the XSLT used to transform the MSTEST result format (trx) into JUnit's format (which is then parsed by Jenkins and finally displayed in its web interface).

To edit this XSLT, search for "mstest-to-junit.xsl" in your Jenkins home directory.

. . . \Jenkins\plugins\mstest\WEB-INF\classes\hudson\plugins\mstest\mstest-to-junit.xsl

Back it up just in case, and copy-paste the following xslt code into it. Restart Jenkins and enjoy your standard output upon test failure.



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