About the guy who's doin' all the postin'

I'm Stas Levin, a software enthusiast and engineer, who's into technologies, programming languages, development methodologies, and basically all that's between.

I've been engaged with the software realm for quite a while now, and thought it's time I'd share some insights, and hopefully get some new ones in the process. I hold a B.Sc in computer science and math, an M.Sc. in computer science (where I was researching collaborative real time coding), and a Ph.D. in computer science (where I leveraged machine learning to mine insights from open source software repositories).

I like sports and spend time keeping in shape to balance the computer geek side of my personality.
Started a Ph.D. while working full time.
Completed the Ph.D., back to sports.

If things pan out I'm definitely getting a German shepherd one day.

But hey, enough about me.

How was YOUR day?

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