IntelliJ - You auto complete me (2)

A short one.

I've already posted about IntelliJ in the past, and judging by my enthusiastic PR for IntelliJ IDEA someone might mistake me for a share holder. Well, I'm not, though come to think of it, it might actually be a good IDEA (pardon the pun). I just love working with IDEs that understand developers and make things easier on them, and IntelliJ does just that. I've recently been brushing up my (automatic) refactoring skills, and IntelliJ has some really awesome stuff to offer in that department. Truth be told, there are some issues here and there, but hey, I have my bad days too.

All in all, for me it's done the unbelievable job of making programming in Java ... kinda fun, not a simple task by any means. I even managed to enjoy editing a bash script the other day, I mean, that's unprecedented! All that before I even had a chance to try out the Ultimate edition, as I'm working with their (free!) Community version.

Speaking of community, check out this ObsidianBlade color scheme for Java and bash by yours truly - grab it while it's hot!

To sum it up, if you're a Java developer (or Scala for that matter, as IntelliJ's support for Scala is very nice as well) you just owe it to yourself to try IntelliJ out.


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